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What to Expect at Blong Chiropractic

Welcome mat

You will immediately feel at home the moment you walk in the door.

Dr. Blong and his friendly team want to warmly welcome you to Blong Chiropractic . We want to make your experience with us as easy and comfortable as possible. You will feel right at home in our homey and welcoming state-of-the-art practice. You will be greeted by name when you arrive and will be given a tour of the office.

Easy and Stress-free

We know that you are most likely entering our doors in pain. We want to make our process as pain free as possible. We will have you fill out a simple one-page questionnaire to get a basic background. Dr. Blong will ask you a series of questions during your visit to ensure a thorough medical history. We want to make sure that chiropractic care is right for you.

Customized Care to Meet Your Needs

Dr. Blong will take the time to listen to you so he can address your chief complaint. After completing an examination, which includes a general massage and X-rays, if needed, a personalized care plan will be presented. Dr. Blong will explain everything to you and we will take treatment one step at a time. Our priority is helping you reach your wellness goals.

Please allow 45-60 minutes for your first visit.

Follow-up visits will be much shorter depending on your unique needs and you will be guided with all home care instructions.

Our Levels of Care

We always try to match the appropriate level of care you need to accomplish your objectives.

  • If you are in acute pain and just want to get back to your daily activities your care may be more frequent, but for a shorter period of time.
  • If you want to stabilize your condition, you likely will be seen a little more and that would take a longer amount of time.
  • We also have a growing number of patients who choose to be long-standing patients and develop a system where they are adjusted as needed. This varies from person to person. We want you to be happy and know that you are in control of your wellness journey.

You can expect a great experience at Blong Chiropractic .

Call (641) 774-5611 today to schedule your relief or wellness appointment.

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