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Chariton Chiropractor | Dr. David M. Blong


Chariton Chiropractor, Dr. David Blong.

Dr. Blong graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1986 with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Palmer College of Chiropractic was established in 1897 as the first chiropractic college. He is grateful to have studied and developed his chiropractic skill at an institution so rich in science, history, art and philosophy.

Early Exposure to Chiropractic

As a young boy growing up on a farm he was able to see the healing benefits of chiropractic care with his parents. When he was in grade school his father developed back pain and sciatica. His family medical doctor suggested back surgery at the Mayo Clinic. As a farmer with five children and a wife at home, this was not an option for Dr. Blong’s father. His father began seeing a chiropractor and not only did this help his back, the migraines he had suffered with for years also got better.

His mother was also helped by chiropractic for digestive trouble after traditional medical treatment proved ineffective. Dr. Blong knew that he wanted to help change lives and relieve people from pain from an early age. He saw first-hand that the body can heal itself if the interference is removed.

The Joy of Helping People

“I believe I am using the talents and gifts that God has given me.”

Dr. Blong has faith in the body’s innate ability to heal itself. He finds great joy in helping his patients and changing lives. He is able to detect whether or not someone has a subluxation. If so, he then corrects it to the best of his ability. Dr. Blong undoubtedly believes that everyone can benefit from chiropractic care. He personally gets adjusted every two to three weeks to maintain optimal wellness.

On a Personal Note

Outside of providing gentle care for his patients, Dr. Blong is married and has five children. Most of his free time involves activities with his children and whatever they are involved with at the time.

They enjoy ball sports, camping, fishing and gardening. His family is active in their church and enjoys their extended church family.

Dr. Blong has been active with the local Kiwanis group, an investment group, Rotary club, chamber of commerce, and as a member of the country club. He is currently involved with the Knights of Columbus.

Let Dr. Blong show you how chiropractic can help you heal and return your body to wellness.

Call (641) 774-5611 today and schedule an appointment.

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